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FUN Race

The FUN race is short and fun. Everyone can participate and taste the triathlon sport! You don't need any experience, specialized material or talent. Do you want to dress-up? You don't swim crawl? Cycling with your citybike or a bike of the city Antwerp?

Subscribe as an individual or search for a team where someone swims, someone cycles and someone else runs? No problem. Everything is possible and everything is allowed! (350m/15km/5km)

Attention! Fun and experience are central during the FUN race. There is no time registration.

Participation from 40 euros for individuals , 70 euros for teams

For youth from 14 until 16 years old, we have a shortened version of the FUN race (350m/10km/3km). This race starts at 10:30 together with the other FUN race participants. Participation price: 30 euros

ITU World Cup M/F

Antwerp hosts the only World Cup of the Benelux. For the second time since 1999 there will be a competition of this level in Belgium. The participation of a few world-class athletes is guaranteed. Among these world-class athletes, the best Belgians will be present: Marten Van Riel, Claire Michel and Valerie Barthélemy and Jelle Geens last year winner. Find your Athletes Guide here soon.