VWhich race suits me best?

Are you a trained or experienced athlete? The Olympic distance is your best choice. You will start together (in waves) and there is a healthy competition atmosphere. There is a competition regulation that will be maintained by official referees. You can find the competition regulation on the VTDL website (Triatlon Vlaanderen).

Are you a recreational athlete? Or do you want an introduction in the world of triathlon? Then the FUN race is something for you! The track is short and there is a maximum of security to stand by you to get through this race.


I never did a triathlon, which equipment do I need?

All bicylces are allowed during the FUN race except cargobikes and E-bikes. The bicycle needs to be in good condition and have good working brakes. When the bicycle doesn't meet the safety regulations, the bicycle can be refused. Wearing a helmet is mandatory!

A wetsuit is not mandatory during the swimming discpline. Your choice.


Can I participate in crazy costumes?

Of course! The crazier, the better! Only when your safety or the safety of others would be comprimised, then the outfit could be refused.


How do I prepare for the FUN race?

You don't need to be in excellent condition to participate at this race. If you encounter any problems during the race don't hesitate to ask some help at a first-aid post.

If you do want to train properly, we would like to refer you to the Triatlon Vlaanderen website Here you can find a club close to your home.


How do the transitions work?

No need to panic! Two weeks before the race you will get the full athletes guide where you can find all the practical info of the race. For more tips & tricks we would like to refer you to our Facebook page. 


How do the course maps look like?

We start at the Rijnkaai parking, where you can register in the morning. The transition zone is also here. Hereafter you go to the startponton at the Bonnapartedok for the swimming discipline. You swim one round in the docks and you leave the docks at the same ponton that you started from. After the swimming discipline, you need to run a short transitdistance to the Rijnkaai parking, where you take your bike for the cycling discipline towards the port of Antwerp. You will cylce one round that ends at the Rijnkaai parking where you can switch to your running gear. For the last discipline, running, you will run around the Bonaparte- and Willemdock and finish at the base of the MAS.


Swimming in the docks, is it safe?

The water quality is intensively monitored to check if it is safe for swimming. There will also be enough dive teams and lifeguards to guarantee the safety at all times. At the event there will not be any boat traffic in the marina of Antwerp.


Association, company or sports club?

Challenge your colleagues? Or participating with training buddies? Register as a group and choose optional for coaching. Train together for this three disciplines and become immersed in this fantastic sport.

There is a variety of VIP packages possible. A delicious breakfast before the start? An extensive lunch after the race? Everything is possible. Inviting clients or staff at the event is another option. For information and reservation email to